About batch cooking

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Batch cooking saves time, preparing foods for one week but the taste of reheated food is not promising. Usually I frozen the cooked foods.

Is there any solution? Thanks


Use sous vide to warm them! If you are cooking for the week, the pre-cooked food will definitely last in the fridge for that duration, especially if you leave it in the vacuum bag. If you cooked chicken at, say, 145F, set your Anova to 144F and drop the chicken back in for a bit until warm. This doesn’t compromise any of the integrity of the food, and it will be just like you cooked it that day. The benefit is that the warming process won’t take nearly as long as the original cooking process. Check this article published yesterday right here @ Anova https://anovaculinary.com/batch-cooking-benefits/#more-8768


Part of the reason that a lot of foods don’t freeze well is that they don’t have a high moisture content to begin with, so get dried out in the freezing process quickly. Fatty and moist foods tend to freeze quite well (of course, not having any air in the bag certainly helps.
You might be further ahead in many cases to keep the items destined for the freezer in their same vacuum sealed bags, complete with the juices from the cook - should help to counter some of the drying effects.

+1 for using the sous vide to reheat - microwaves are just awful (I tend to use a bath in the sink for just about anything from the freezer anyways) :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback.

How can we do batch cooking if there are meats and fishes. They are sealed under vacuum. The cooking parameter is different amongst them. Beef, Pork, Lamb, Salmon, Cod etc need different cooking parameter both in temperature and cooking time. It would be a bad arrangement for the whole week eating Beef or Lamb or Chicken or Salmon etc. What will be the solution?

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To do a batch cook and minimize your cooking times for the rest of the week, if you’re going to cook items of different temperatures and times, then you’re going to need to plan out how you’re going to do it. Certainly not as simple as dropping everything in the pot at the same time. You would cook the higher temp foods first, then reduce the temperature and add the next highest foods to be cooked - but you could leave the first group in the bath to keep them warm for awhile. Leaving items in the bath (for proteins) won’t increase there level of doneness, but should make them more tender.

Good guide on temps and cooking times here: Sous Vide Cooking Times & Temperatures: SousVide Supreme Official Site – SousVide Supreme | Official Site

Edit: (in case it wasn’t entirely clear) - you’ll still be taking the cooked foods and putting them in the fridge or freezer after the bath…you certainly aren’t going to leave things in the bath all week.