Cook and Freeze Advantages

Can someone help me understand the point of the cook, freeze, reheat method of sous vide? It seems like reheating takes almost as long as the original cook time. So why would I go through the trouble of cooking and freezing when I could just cook (from raw) and it take maybe 30 more minutes (even from frozen)?

The main reason I do it is when I buy things in bulk and I cannot eat it all at once and I would get tired of it. If the cook is short I agree with you, I would freeze the item raw. However if the cook is >2 hours ranging up to 72 hours it is not effective to cook each piece raw frozen. I tend to cook a lot of the tougher cuts so most of my cooks are long.

I keep my refrigerator at 35F, and pasteurized meat and poultry are fine for 3 weeks in there, so long as the bags haven’t been opened.

The SV cook - freeze technique saves time when batch cooking menu items. The technique was first used in restaurants where we would typically cook and freeze 50 or more portions at a time and then temper just the forecast requirement for service each day.

John and i might typically cook 5 beef roasts at a time to gain efficiency. You might cook - freeze one roast in advance due to some special circumstances such as a remote service event.

That all makes sense, my question was why you would even cook them (before freezing) if it takes just as long to recook. I understand it makes sense if it’s something like a roast though.

@chatnoir when you say you take them out to temper before service, what is your cooking method after they’re tempered?

Derrick, there’s no recooking, it’s unnecessary. Tempered single portions require only a short time to bring to service temperature. It’s the thawing that takes significant time.

Finishing techniques for service were menu item dependant. For example, steaks got finished on a grill, chicken breasts and mixtures (Braised Lamb Shank for example) were finished in a steam assisted convection oven.

I see. I think my lack of experience was conflating “recooking” and “finishing”. Makes sense, thanks for the response!

My pleasure. Cooking is an endless learning ladder to the stars.

Keep well.