Sous vide frozen chicken

How to Sous vide frozen chicken breasts in oven?

I wouldn’t. That chicken will spend a lot of time in “danger zone” temperatures, where bacteria that can make you very sick grow. Perhaps I’m wrong, though. @chatnoir might want to weigh in here.

Thanks Joe I will Sous vide when thawed first.

No problem, I do it all the time. Just add about 1 hour to the cooking time.

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Hey there, what’s up! Just stumbled upon this forum and saw your post about sous vide frozen chicken. Honestly, I’ve never tried it in the oven, but I always use my sous vide machine for that. It’s just perfect every time! Regarding canned spaghetti, I don’t think that’s a good idea to put it in a sous vide bag, but hey, to each their own! Anyway, sorry if I’m not much of a help since I’m new here, but I’m excited to be part of this community and learn new things!