Sous vide pot for small batches

I was thinking that it would be nice to have a pot that does sous vide for small batches of food.
It would be good for milk, eggs, and more.
The pot would look like a shallow rice cooker or a small steam cooker, except that water goes into the container and temperature control is built in.
This would be basically Precision Cooker integrated with a pot. This would not be steam-based like Precision Oven.

Originally I was looking for something that can be used to heat a few servings of milk while controlling the temperature, so that it does not filament. From searching, the closest machine to what I was looking for was a milk bottle warmer for infants.

One of the benefits of having a pot version is that since it would need less water, it would take less time for heating up water to the target temperature.

Search a little more. You have described the Sous Vide Supreme Demi water oven.

The Sous-Vide Magic controller performs similarly by providing in-line temperature control for a rice cooker or slow cooker. Sadly it needs your finger for control, no app required. There are many small models of slow cookers from which to choose.

Save time by heating water on your stove top.