Sous Vide Steak tonight, Grill tomorrow... Safe? Quality?

Hi team!

Is it OK to sous vide your 1kg Tomahawk steak, say on Friday night, put it in the fridge once you’re happy it’s done, then grill it on Saturday for lunch?

Is it safe? Will the steak come out just as good? If so, what other considerations do I need to keep in mind?

Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


You can do so to save a little time, though you may not save a whole lot. The best way to reheat is to again use the sous vide at the same temp you cooked it at originally until you’ve heated it through, then sear as you normally would…

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Good point, thank you Mirozen.

You’re welcome, and good luck!

Ask, of course it’s OK to do as planned.

But why do it twice?
It might be just as good a use of your time to season and seal the meat Friday, put it in the refrigerator overnight, and start your cook in the morning. Presuming you have a good quality hunk of meat there a reheat will take pretty-near the same time as the cook. Flavour wise, it could be better to let the seasoning work overnight.

And please learn to think about your meat in terms of thickness, because in SV technique product weight does not matter. Steak weight is only useful for impressing others.

To competently cook an item you need to know its thickness.

It might be a good idea to pad the end of the bone if you feel any sharpness there to prevent a disastrous leak.