Sous Vide under the real vacuum

I was thinking in the shower this morning, where all my worst ideas happen . . .

Anova should send a Precision Cooker up to the International Space Station on the next resupply run. Astronauts could squirt a big blob of water, place the bagged food inside it, then inject the APC into the water ball like a syringe. What a marketing opportunity! What a physics demonstration! 

Without gravity, how would convection circulate the heat throughout the water ball? Would Brownian motion be enough? Would the impeller contort the water ball into odd shapes, or would it cause droplets to spray everywhere? Would it need to be disabled? 

After having watched all the Chris Hadfield ISS videos I could get my hands on, I know this: it would be hella fun to watch. 

They wouldn’t even need a vacuum sealer, they could just hold the bag opening up to the airlock door and crack it a little bit :slight_smile:

Joking aside, it might actually be practical if the water was kept in a bag, plus I believe their food is vacuum sealed anyway. I volunteer to take it up there with me. Make it so, Anova!