Foodsaver marinate canister

Has any one used the marinate canister to submerge in water bath instead of zip lock bag for moist or liquid contents?

I don’t think it would work very well as the plastic would insulate the food from the heat of the water. I tried using a glass Mason jar for scrambled eggs and even that took a lot longer and glass is a fair conductor of heat.

Fixed a typo in your title :slight_smile:

Never tried canister, so can’t really comment much on that!

I don’t think that would work well. Even cooking depends on the food having direct contact with the plastic with as little air as possible allowed to remain in the bag. 

The air is removed via the foodsaver pump

The removal of air is so that the plastic bag and the water can touch the food inside the bag directly so that heat can be transferred by conduction.

A vacuum is a better insulator than air is, so using a rigid container like the marinating canister is not going to work for sous vide.

The canister is under vacuum  My question was has anybody tried it

I doubt that anyone has tried it. I think you will find that it may work for liquids but your cooking time will be extended significantly.

Don’t think that this is a good idea. There’s no contact with the water bath except for the bottom of the container.

Just go for it and tell us how it works out. Do something relatively inexpensive like crème brule. I have done crème brule in mason jars and some pickles bizarrely and both worked well. Also some salmon mousse and liver pate.

Big problem is canister heatproof, and you pretty well have to stuff them full. Mason jars are pretty cheap and come in a lot of sizes. And are heatproof. And they can be vacuum packed by putting them in a foodsaver container although not strictly necessary.