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Yes please! Anova Culinary needs to relocate to Western Australia otherwise my commute will be problematic.

Hi. I’m retired now (metrologist and biomedical engineering tech) but I’ve been showing friends how sous vide works using Anova circulators. So far I’ve only “sold” one. My friend Ben H. recently purchase one when it was on sale. I now own 3 units so I am able to loan out a precision cooker so folks could give sous vide a try. I’m not sure what the hold up is. Perhaps having a vacuum sealer is an issue. A lot of people are pretty much set in their ways as far as cooking is concerned (I’m 62), so I am making it as easy as possible. I’ve even given them food already sealed up so they don’t even have to do that!  One doctor said it was too much trouble thinking that far ahead and planning a meal (both he and his wife work at his clinic). He did like the food though!  If someone pre-packages food for sous vide cooking, I think it will help. A lot of foods already are!  I cook sausages, tenderloins and pork roasts that are already vacuum sealed. I drop them straight in. So far so good.  I am not out to cook really fancy dishes, just every day type stuff that folks are use too. Anyway, I am “demonstrating” as much as i can. I’ll give another “class” at church here in the next month or so to show our sisters a different way to store and cook meals!   On a side note, I’m using the software for the PC with my Motorola Turbo (android). So far so good!