Sousvide cheesecake

I have been making sousvide cheesecake in 8oz widemouth mason jars for restaurants in the last couple months. I have thanks to this forum been able to prevent jars from cracking by tempering them and being more careful with how tight the lids are. My current problem that I cant seem to find a solution too is that when I take the cheesecake out of the water I try to pop the lids right away but because of the vacuum inside when the seal is broken the cheesecake drops down and leaves a rind of cheesecake around the top which I have to try and clean and usually just make more of a mess. As well as when the seal is broken and the cheesecake falls down it pulls away from the walls of the jar leaving room for the topping to seep in, which doesnt look to pretty.

Any suggestions or anyone experiencing this same issue?

Why do you bother to open the lids right away?