St Louis Ribs.... Need Bark?

How to Get Bark on Sous Vide St Louis Pork Ribs after SV?

I prepped and SV the ribs for 24 hours at 150. They were fall-off-the-bone delicious. However, there was no crusty bark. I had painted the ribs after SV with sauce and broiled them for two minutes and repainted…I did that three times…but still no bark…any ideas?



Try using a rub generously with a decently high sugar content

Thanks Brian…I wii try that

The best


Sometimes if there is too much sauce, it will not get a bark.
Try for the bark then sauce up.

Hi JBee,

Thank you for your suggestion. Tonight I combined your suggestion with Brian’s. I used the sauce as a dipping sauce; added more white sugar to the rub and finished with the Searzall…tremendous improvement…I got some bark, improved the flavor and was quite impressed! The ribs were terrific.



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I throw them in the oven at 425 Deg and watch them for the Bark! They come out great!!