Standard size pot lids with Anova-shaped cutouts?

My gorgeous white Anova arrived yesterday and I have nothing to put it in! I want to show it off with my other kitchen stuff, not hide it away in a cupboard. I would love a glass or perspex stockpot so I can see it in action. Preventing evaporation is a major concern in this part of the world, especially for longer cooks, so a tight fitting lid is important. Perhaps Anova can kickstart a variety of industry-standard diameter container lids with an Anova shaped hole pre-cut? See-through would be nice but insulations is also important. The aesthetics on the Anova unit itself are lovely, it’s just a shame that the options I have so far seen for water baths are so ugly or impractical. Does anyone have any recommendations?

@Fudspong Thanks for your feedback, we understand! While we don’t currently have plans for this, a lot of our community members have shared their unique and crafty creations for containers - check it out: