Insulated Anova Container

Hey Anova!

I’m really interested in your stainless steel insulated container, but it is currently sold out :(. Is this product going to be offered again at some point?


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I have very successfully used an insulated cooler. Mine has two indentations in the lid for beverages, and I drilled through one of them into which I place the Anova. I also got a toilet tank rubber gasket ( new🥴) to slide over the Anova to provide a perfect seal with the cooler lid. It is a pretty inexpensive approach that really works well.

look on amazon. thats where i found my stuff

Stainless steel insulated sounds pretty neat…though pricey.

(I’ve posted this before so many here have seen the photo below before… :slight_smile:

I went with a Coleman cooler and some insulating bubble wrap with a hole cut through it for the Anova (so that I would not have to cut a hole in the lid - I like being able to use the cooler AS a cooler!) Under 25USD and it’s been working great for going on 2 years now!