Steak bites?

I’m still Anova-less, but I got to thinking of something the other day, and was hoping for a second opinion.

In my mind, one reason why, traditionally, steaks have been cooked “large” (ie, typical steak sizes of > 1 inch thick and several inches across) is enable decently cooked (medium rare-ish) meat and to not overcook and still get the outside hot enough to have a crust. On the other hand, I prefer a fair amount of crust in every bite – my most favorite bites of filet mignon are around the edge.s

Would this be possible with sous vide + torch? Basically to get “all edges”? Say, 1 - 1.5" cubes of meat in which all six sides are perfectly charred?

Deep frying might be a bit less hassle. Try to get the oil as hot as safely possible (keep away from the flash point)