Sticky Silicone Body

I noticed recently that the black silicone body of the Precision Cooker is getting sticky. Or is it melting? What can I do? Does anybody encounter this before? Pls share.

Hi ya @Bumblebee95

Why do you believe that it is a silicone?

Silicone elastomers have poor structural properties. The usual silicone elastomer plastic in the kitchen are non-structural like spatulas and trivets and coatings.

The usual reason for an elastomer to become sticky is exposure to an / excessive plasticisers. What that might be depends on the elastomer.

Thanks for the insight. Still need a solution to resolve this. Any ideas?

Contact support.

Have you tried washing it with a detergent surfactant or a gentle solvent?

My convenient go to for quick clean ups is window washing solution, either generic or homemade with a scoshe of bleach solution. Homemade is clean water, a splash of DAWN, a splash of ethanol, a splash of bleach.

The particular appliance at hand gets a damp cloth wipe after using it for my likely kitchen-dirty hands.

not easy to clean after use