panel cover falls off

The plastic panel cover on the Anova fell off. I keep replacing it but now it is warped and the adhesive is shot. I’ll try Krazy Glue. Any good repair ideas that anyone has used? Thanks.

Hey @digadoug your unit IS outside of warranty, right? (doing band-aid solutions for a defective component should really only be after the warranty is expired - it’s two years on the Precision Cookers.

If you ARE outside of warranty - a picture would help to understand which part you’re talking about. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Here’s a foto. I’m thinking of using the clear silicone on the left.

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When I want permanent adhesion I’me a big fan of 2 part epoxy resins. I don’t know how well it might work in this instance, but I think I’d use a small bead of silicone to seal out the moisture all around the edge, with a couple small “tacks” of epoxy resin at 3 or four points to ensure permanent attachment (but still allow for eventual removal with some care and diligent effort in the event that you ever need to remove it for repair or something!).

Silicon makes for quite a strong glue, and is removable after the fact if you are careful, so it’s a good choice, I think. I’d use very, very little; just the tiniest bead near the perimeter (no more than 1 mm thick) should do the trick. Best way to apply it is probably with a small disposable syringe. You can pick them up for a few cents at any pharmacy.

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I agree with those who advocate using silicone, however, make sure that you use the neutral cure type - many silicone sealants use acetic acid curing (smells like vinegar), the fumes can be very damaging to electronics and certain metals.

Thanks. I used a very thin coating of silicone. It didn’t smell like vinegar.