stuffed whole deboned chicken?

First post and I have a question bet you never get that.
I have been playing with my sous vide for a few weeks and have really enjoyed all that I have tried.
While in my freezer looking for things to try I found a whole deboned chicken stuffed with dirty rice. This is a Cajun dish often sold prepackaged but raw in stores in TX and Louisiana. It is packaged in a very thick vacuum sealed bag so my thought was just chunk it in and start cooking and once done brown up in a hot oven. So any idea on times and temps? (from thawed)
Thanks, Bbqcookie

Firstly, hello and welcome.

Hmmm… I think I’d repack it before cooking, just because you don’t know how secure the packaging is.

As far as cooking goes, you can do it straight from frozen. Chicken is recommended to be cooked to pasteurisation. Dr Baldwin’s tables for chicken give pasteurisation times based on various temperatures and thicknesses.

When it comes to temperature, most recommend a different temperature for the dark meat and the light. I usually work at 140F/60C for both. But, you might be best to look at 145F-150F for the full beastie.

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Bbq, we’ve had a similar Turducken question before, but its been a while.

As Ember suggests, it might be wise to repack it as it’s hard to tell if the packaging has been damaged while frozen. If it’s the Cryovac brand it’s very tough and could be alright.

But first, you need to deal with a few fundamentals.
What’s in the “dirty rice”?
If it’s the traditional seasoned rice with chopped liver or minced meat i’d give it a pass for safety. Being insulated by the chicken it could be in the danger zone too long. Thawing before cooking could add to that hazard.
Please check its ingredients list first.

Next, how thick is it?
On Baldwin’s chart you’ll see any meat over about 3 1/2 inches or 70mm takes too long to SV cook safely. You might be over that limit.

One more caution, your saying “playing” and “hot oven” gives me some concern. Successful cooking with your Anova requires a disciplined attention to precision cooking for safe and superior outcomes.

If i were cooking this item, i’d do it from frozen and after cooking quickly brown it on all sides at the highest oven temperature i can obtain. You certainly don’t want to cook the chicken twice.

Please share your results with us. The more details you provide, the more useful your experience is for us.