SV broth in pots, glass, steel

Would appreciate if somebody could share experiences with making bone broths. I want to make large portions and would prefer not to use bags. Does anybody have experience with using glass jars (although would struggle to find really large ones) or large steel pots placed inside the water bath?

I’ve used glass jars for things like creme brulee, yogurt, eggs bites, but I’m not much for stocks and broth in a sous vide. I did find this recipe for bone broth:

And there’s a variety of stock recipes out there using sous vide. Instead of using a bag, you could use a few glass jars, out in what you want, and just extend the time, but i would thing you’d have better results in a stove top (just my opinion).

SVC, if i understand you correctly you want to make a significant amount of bone broth. I’ve discovered water bath processing isn’t a particularly advantageous large quantity or commercial production method other than in plastic bags.

Even and effective heat diffusion in large quantities requires near continuous tumbling or some other form of agitation which can be a significant challenge using glass or large steel pots.

I’ll second Brian’s recommendation of stove top processing.