Temp display rapidly changing well above set temp though water temp below

Never really had a problem with my unit till yesterday, I set my unit for 165 and let it get up to temp, as usual I tested with a instant read thermometer and it was within a degree. About an hour in it started giving off the “reached temp beep” every few minutes when I checked the temp display it was reading 174.2 and over the next 20 seconds got up to 186.7. I checked water temp both with my instant read as well as an IR thermometer and the water temp had dropped to 155.

Any ideas?

Tex, best to contact SUPPORT for assistance.

Your symptoms of a faulty temperature sensor can be caused by humidity getting into the controls. Ask the experts for help.

Thanks, ya I opened a support case via email but figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask here as well in case someone else has seen a similar issue.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence, particularly at higher water temperatures without shielding the head of the machine from rising water vapour.

I hope you have a satisfactory resolution to the problem.

What’s considered a “higher water temp”? My wand is two or three years old now, and suddenly I can’t get it to hold at 130°F. It climbs to 137 or 138, or drops to 126/127. No matter what I set it to it seems to overshoot by several degrees. For lamb or beef these differences accumulate. Have I just worn out my device?