Thank you

Folks, I have had my Precision Cooker now for a couple of months. Maybe more, as I seem to have ended my relationship with the concept of time, since beginning isolation, for health reasons, at the beginning of March.
Anyway, as I began my Precision Cooking adventure, boy was I apprehensive. It’s not a cheap piece of kit to go and break through misadventure and it felt like I did my first couple of cooks almost blindfolded with you guys guiding me. But hasn’t it proven to be a fantastic value for money investment and a rewarding and hugely satisfying new way to cook. And that is chiefly down the to advice I received in this forum.
I just didn’t have the first fundamental clue what I was doing and you guys steered me well in those first few cooks. I am now confident in cooking great steaks, chicken breasts, salmon and have even knocked out a couple of, in my opinion anyway, as good as, or dare I say it, better than, restaurant standard Sunday Roasts.
I won’t pick out any one in particular but the most memorable and helpful pieces of advice I received, in no particular order were re: cooking from frozen; keeping a log; insulating my marble top and that mayo sear.
There’s been other great advice too and in this world where too many of us seem to want to criticise, complain and stamp our feet because we feel the world has let us down, I just want to buck that trend and say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped this newbie and no doubt to those who will help me in the future as I start to get more adventurous.



Your feedback is appreciated Curlie. It’s good to know you find this Community useful and how much you are enjoying your new cooking technique. Make every cook better than your last one.