My First Cook Perfiction, Thanks!!!

Thanks to lurking in this community for several weeks before receiving my APC and starting my first cook I have just had the best steak of my life! We have a local grocery chain in my area that sales USDA prime, dry aged, ribeye so I chose this for my first cook. I have had dry aged steaks in restaurants and have always been happy with them but these steaks were amazing. Cooked to 131.2 deg F and seared in a cast iron pan (my infrared thermometer read the pan temp at 740 deg F before I put the steaks in) for 30 sec each side and 15 sec on each edge.

Again, Thanks to all of the members of this community for all of the advise on cooking sous vide!


Now that’s a spectacular first cook. There’s no substitute for dry aged.

Welcome aboard.

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Congratulations on your first successful cook. Sounds like you nailed it! Looking forward to hearing more of your cooking experiences with your Anova. :slight_smile: