First Cook - Chuck Steak

Hi all. New to the community and just got my APC WIFI.

Vacuum packed a 2" thick 1Kg chuck steak with a little olive oil and cooked it for 24 hours at 136F. Into an ice bath, seasoned, and smoked in the BBQ for 30 mins (flipping halfway through) with some whiskey wood chips. Finally seared on the grill for 60 seconds per side and served with a sauce made from the bag juices along with some Guinness, mustard, sugar, soy sauce, garlic, butter, and flour.

Unbelievably good and very tender, which is something given it’s amongst the toughest meat on the animal. I’d recommend it to anyone.


Heck yeah! Welcome to the community !

That sounds seriously amazing! I’m glad you had a very awesome experience with your first cook. What other foods are you thinking about cookin’ up with the Anova?

Just started three racks of baby backs tonight!

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:heart_eyes: niiiceeeee!

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There’s a fine sounding first attempt there. I think I need a towel for the drool.