The "Little something" for undelivered Precision Cookers

Anyone got the “little something” that Anova promised to send to people that won’t get a Precision cooker for Christmas?

I understand that I wont get my units on time so I hoped I still could have something to give instead.

When did you order? If you ordered before November 25th, you’ll get a system.

I’m a backer at the Family level. I’m waiting for five 220V units: two red, two black and one white. Four units are gifts.

From your KS updates, I understood that my units will be shipped around the 24th of December, meaning it wont arrive on time for christmas. So I hoped I would at least get something to give until I get the units a few weeks after.

I guess I won’t have anything to show for. International shipping and custom take time and no shipping notification from Anova yet. I’m really pissed.

Hey Steve, Let’s get you on the “little something” list. Could you please shoot me a direct message and we’ll get you set up?

@Steve - I’m unlikely to get my Anovas by Christmas but have NOT received the promised “gift boxes” as yet… let me know if you manage to get those Anova-proxies (& How).

@t4tortoise Stephen did his best to help me get the gift boxes but unfortunately, it took too long (4 days) for Anova to get their act together and actually send them. They did it yesterday night via UPS Saver when I needed them today or by the 20th at the latest. UPS just called to tell me it will arrive on the 21th or 22th… This will be totally pointless by then. What a waste of money…

You have no idea how pissed I am by Anova. It seems that I’m at the end of line because I have backed for 5 units. A lot of backers with higher backer number than mine already got their units.

I also don’t understand why they promised in November to send gift boxes to whom won’t get units by Christmas and don’t really send them until you beg them to do so. So unprofessional, so unrespectful and so pathetic…

I’m done with them. I won’t ever back them or buy from them again, neither recommend them to any of my friends.

Now, I have 5 hours to find new gifts. :s

On the other hand, it looks like I’m receiving two “little somethings” for one open order. One arrived a few days ago to my billing address (?) and one that just shipped yesterday.

@Steve‌ -‌ I understand mate! I really do.

I probably don’t qualify for the “gift boxes” now that my order has actually been shipped… and is expected to be delivered 24Dec…

Which is EXACTLY in the middle of my holiday… and why I was emailing, messaging, etc Anova to avoid this scenario…

In the end, with the information of tracking number and courier company used,
I called FedEx and they assure me no problems, they can hold and deliver at my convenience… so I’m solving the problem on my own and not their customer “service” / “support” personnel.

I’d suspect they’d rather piss off 1 customer (you) in lieu of hopefully delighting 5 other (seeing that your order is 5 units), though I’m not sure that the trade off is meaningful, given the logic of order # sequentially cleared would mean that the 5 other people probably won’t mind the delay.

Hope you get your shipping notice soon!

Suggest you get them some nice accessories to go with their delayed Anova…
maybe a vacuum sealer? (if you’re in Singapore, Groupon has a silicon bag deal 2 for $19) or a cookbook on sous vide?

@Stephen‌ this is very weird. I’ve got a phone call from UPS about the gift boxes. They claim that you output an invoice of around $350 for this boxes and they want me to pay more than $100 of taxes!!!

I quite don’t understand because I though it was one plastic bag and a congratulation card per box. It can’t be worth $350 for 5 of them. What are really inside those gift boxes?

Anyway, they arrived too late anyway. I’m not paying $100 of taxes for 5 plastics bags and asked to UPS to send them back to you.

@t4tortoise‌ actually I just told them that the package didn’t arrived on time. It was a bit awkward.

Ironically, I’ve got my notice of shipping for the units during our celebration yesterday…

@Steve‌ Ugh. :frowning: I’m not sure why that happened. I’ll look into it.


@Steve‌ The declared value was $5.

After calling UPS once again, they now claim the value filled is $25. (I guess 5x$5)

I filled a complain and they started an investigation. I’ll keep you informed.

End of the saga: I’ve got the gift boxes today. UPS apologized for the mistake they made and will refund the shipping fees you paid.

Ironically, FedEx will deliver tonight the Precision Cooker units to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help @Stephen‌ :slight_smile: