Those expensive little plastic balls?

I saw those very expensive balls that help stop water evaporation I thought I would probably need 2 packs.
So I sat down and thought what is small, floats and is easy to clean. My idea was to use wine corks they float and are easy to skoop out of the water with a spider (kitchen utensil). The wine corks work extremly well I got mine for free at whole foods as they have a barrel for used corks or they can be purchased on inexpensively on line.

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Thats a pretty sweet idea!!!  I have yet to do any really long cooking projects yet, but when I do I will definitely try your idea, thanks!!

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Thanks again for the tip!!! 

In Canada you can get wine corks free at the return place in Liquor stores. Usualy a box by till.

What about ping pong balls??  They are a bit big but will do the job…

IMHO those are a complete rip off. They are inherently incapable of complete coverage and any form of lid (even plastic wrap) that effectively blocks air circulation would be far more effective, mostly a lot cheaper plus with a proper size opening would protect the sous vide display from steam.

Plus a lid would be vastly less hassle to use than the floating balls.

Oh, wow that’s a pretty clever idea!

144 for $10 (free shipping if you have a prime subscription):

So, what’s expensive?

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