Acrylic Stand Off Feedback

Hey everyone, I don’t post here much but have been using my Anova since the original Kickstarter. I know there are many commercial stand offs that can be purchased from Amazon or the like retailer, but wanted to get some feedback and gauge the responses. If there is enough positive feedback and other members would like something like this made I would do a small CNC production run.

I milled a custom standoff, please see the IMGUR album, as I wasn’t able to upload photos here. It is a pretty modern design that fits into the Rubbermaid containers very well. V2 of this design has one corner cut away. This enables the Anova to sit lower in the water. The stand off does a couple of things.

  1. It allows the water to circulate underneath your food resulting in more even heat distribution.
  2. Since the Anova sits lower in the water and the standoff is an inch from the bottom canning becomes easier. The problem I ran into when making the canned cheesecake or canning small pint jars is the water level was always really close to the minimum level the Anova could operate at. With the stand off the water level isn’t an issue anymore.

The standoff is milled out of acrylic.

Do you think it is heavy enough to keep vegetable packages submerged? Perhaps one on the bottom to ensure circulation and another for weight on top of the bags.

What are the dimensions of this L x W?

Acrylic by itself wouldn’t be heavy enough to keep vegetables submerged. Although it could be milled out of aluminum, but that would bring the cost up significantly. It is 9" x 9".

Considering these are expanadable to fit container / bag thickness, made of stainless steel, so will not float and you can buy 2 for £10 from ikea … I am not sure that you would be able to make any money to be honest.

I searched around for various options and 2 of these work great, one on the bottom and one on the top to weight the food down. For £10 it is hard to improve on.

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I got some simple wire racks, for my various pots, from my local restaurant supply house.

I just used an old dishwasher rack & cut it to fit in my container… My large container is about 12 x 30 (it’s a restaurant style container with a lid that I cut out around the Anova!