Time in hrs for whole pork shoulder (boneless) of 15lbs (7kg) at 145F (63C)

Could you pls advise the sous vide time in hours required for whole pork shoulder (boneless) of 15lbs (7kg) at 145F (63C)? 18hours? 24hours? 36hours? … what?

In case sous vide is not appropriate for such large cuts, pls also advise.

Here is a recipe for pork shoulder

I have come across one where they do the entire shoulder. They are not so common as the 5-7 pound section. I have not tried using sous vide for this. I have a smoker and have always used it. Maybe I will try it this Winter.

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According to the proposed recipe, approximately 3 kg require 18 hrs. When we double the weight (larger cut), what is the impact on time?

I am just guessing as I have never tried anything this large before. Since a whole shoulder is thicker at one end I would add 6 more hours and go 24. You could always cut it in half and do 2 bags at the same time following the recipe. I would like to hear if anyone has done an entire pork shoulder.

30 hrs @ 145F (63C) resulted to juicy tender whole pork shoulder of 15lbs (7kg).
Although very satisfied, next time I will try 48 hrs @ 145F (63C) looking for an equally juicy but “falling apart” result

145F is probably too low for the “falling apart” aka shredded / pulled pork texture. There is a lot of collagen in a pork shoulder that will hold it together, and if you want that shredded / fall apart texture, you need to melt the collagen, which will then convert to gelatin to give it that classic yummy melt in your mouth texture. The amount of conversion that occurs at 145 is pretty small, the temp really needs to be around 160 for the melting and reaction to start to take off.

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