Touch Screen is not working


I just started using my brand new APO last month. However its touch screen was not very responsive at the beginning and later totally black out. I can only control it via the app. Customer Service sent me a new one last week. I just unpacked it and tried it. The touch screen is 100% not responsive. This quality is very concerning. I am thinking to claim refund and say goodbye to APO.

Hi, I had a similar issue. The touch screen stayed on but the control buttons didnt work. I couldnt change any of the settings except from the app. This seemed to have happened after i did a firmware update. Unfortunately, i am still waiting for my replacement to come. Its been 5 weeks now. And thats 5 weeks after they received my broken oven. Im out of patience with them and asking for refund.

I unplugged the device more than a day. then tried it again. It works fine now. But not sure if the problem will happen again.