Using clingwrap to minimize evaporation loss - can the wrap touch the heater?

Basically the title, I have a 24hr cook time and I want to minimze the evaporation. I have some glad clingwrap that I’d like to use to cover the vessel.

The way I’ve wrapped it though, the clingwrap is touching the heater slightly. I can’t seem to avoid this really.

Is this ok? Is the clingwrap going to melt to the heater? I have my anova on 165 for a pork butt, and I’ve read that the clingwrap melts ~220-250F source

Is this a bad idea?

Touching the unit is fine. Touching the hearing element, not do much.

Considering that the heating element is protected by the metal skirt, I think it’s fine. Alternatively, use aluminum foil!

I use cling wrap whenever I’m using my big soup pot for a longer (more than a couple of hours) cook. I use two sheets, and wrap one around each side of the Anova and overlap them across the top of the pot. Never had an issue with melting or anything and it allows me to do a 12 or 24 hour cook without worrying about evaporation.

@KyleMW exactly, this has been great. Usually I use aluminum foil and don’t get nearly as successful evaporation prevention. I haven’t needed to add water the entire cook cycle whereas last time I used aluminum foil and had to add water 3 separate times over 19 hours (maybe that was just my obsession though…)

I guess my worry was that out of the water the shield might get hotter than the 165 it was set at, but I’ve had no issues. Definitely wouldn’t go much higher, but I’ve never seen a recipe call for that high of a temp