Using the Anova Precision cooker in India

HI, i purchased the Anova Precision cooker while i was on a holiday in USA and i have got it to India, i have been trying to find out if i can use the devise in India, is it 110-240 Compatible, i have read and erred the manual and i cant find the answer anywhere, can some one please help me?

The voltage in the Anova Precision Cookers are not adjustable. But we sell both 120V and 220V cookers. Not sure which you have. You can check which one you purchased with

thank you for your reply, what do i ask when i check to get the right answer

You can ask customer support which voltage you purchased. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that the use of converters may void warranty.

Be aware that Anova sell both 120 V and 240 V appliances. If you picked it up in the states then it is most likely a 120V unit. On the back side of the unit should be a silver sticker. It will tell you there what the unit voltage should be.

Also, for future reference. In the main store, you can choose the voltage.