Water and Heat Efficient

The setup I am using is a Rubbermaid Polycarbonate 12 quart container and cover as a vessel. I cut out a close fitting opening in the cover that fits both my APC and AnovaOne. I also used a sheet of mylar bubble insulation to wrap the vessel and cover. I shaped the insulation like you would wrap a gift package with a separate bottom and top cover. I cut slits in the cover insulation to clear the circulator. I use a strap of nylon webbing to secure the insulation around the container and the cover insulation to the bottom. The container and cover cost $21 from Amazon and the bubble insulation was $2.20 per foot in a 48 inch width from OSH. I bought 3 feet.

I just finished a 48 hour cook of a beef brisket that had negligible evaporative water loss and was extremely heat efficient.

This setup is far superior to the plastic picnic cooler I was using before as the coolers are too deep. I would use too much water and the cover of the cooler was not insulated.

The poly container is the perfect depth for both Anova circulators and you can tailor the amount of water for the amount of food you are cooking. I can tell how heat efficient the setup is - when you open the cover insulation and container cover the Anova immediately shows a temperature reduction and the circulator must make that up.

Thought I would share…


I use a Cambro cooler similar to yours for large items. The polycarbonate is a good insulator on its own; your insulation improves it considerably I would imagine. I find myself using a stock pot for most of my cooks and I might look for some insulating material that I can fashion to fit. Rubbermaid and Cambro also make smaller containers that look like they might work pretty well for smaller items.