water level

i everyone im new at this and have a ? what do you do when the water level gets low and how to you refill during cooking thanks rckprt

Just use water as hot as you can get it rom the tap. If need be you can also heat it in the microwave first.

…could also use a kettle or heat water on your stove in saucepans if you want to minimize the impact to your cook.

Long term it’s advantageous to have a covered vessel for your sous vide cooks as they minimize evaporation.

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Rck, it would be interesting to know just how low is low? And how long did it take the water level to get to a level you consider low? If it’s days, it might be normal. And how much water are you working with?

You should always start your cook with ample water. I rarely find it necessary to add water even during a 48-hour cook.

If you are cooking for an extended period of time, just add enough warm water to raise the surface of the cooking water up to, but not over, the MAXIMUM level indicated on your Anova. Your cooker will quickly return the water temperature to the set point unless you are using an extreme amount.

The output of ‘standard’ hot water systems is normally 135 F/ 57C. In some locations it is set lower for safety reasons (children, nursing homes). As chatnoir says, better to add water that’s below your target than having to wait for it to cool.
But I’d also be wondering why you’ve lost water.

If you start close to the max line, you’ll probably have enough water inside your bath for 5-6 hours, easy. For longer cooks (2-3 days), you might want to use some form of lid, even a crude one fashioned from aluminum foil.