What are some foods you thought you hated, but turned out your parents just sucked at cook them?

I can understand. I had a memorable and terrible experience with liver when I was younger, so I haven’t attempted to revisit it. Celery is a weird food for me - I didn’t like it as a kid, but now I can tolerate it with a dipping sauce. But it’s still a food I don’t actively seek out.

Broccoli was the only vegetable I wanted seconds of when I was younger. Still my favorite. And when it’s roasted? :yum:

I’ve yet to find a vegetable that isn’t better when it’s braised in bacon nectar. :smiley:


LOL! I love it!
“Bacon nectar”! :slight_smile:
It almost sounds healthier too!

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Heh…it IS healthier - than margarine that’s based on bleached vegetable oils!!! :smiley:

Slays me that products like Becel get to display a “hearth healthy” logo.

It’s a myth that saturated fats are bad for you…and that they cause high cholesterol.

Give it 20 years…no-one will be eating vegetable oils or grains anymore.

The way i see it is that it simply comes right down to,

  • who do you trust more for your source of healthy eating, a chemist or a pig?
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Humanity has survived for thousands of years eating a varied diet. This includes fats and grains. The problem is less the food source, and more the processing that’s been done to it before most folk buy it.

The best source of food is real, recognisable food. It’s really not that hard. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Sounds like Alyssa grew up in the same type of household as me. My Mom rarely cooked. But my Grandmother “Nan” cooked some good stuff. Seeing as She had 14 kids and they grew up in the depression she cooked very economically and a lot of things we ate folks today would turn their nose up at. So there was never really anything she made that I hated. I did however hate eggs. No matter who cooked them or how. I left Chicago on my own at 17 and went to California. The first guy I made friends with took me into his family and one morning his wife made eggs. I didn’t want to insult them so I decided to choke them down. I have no explanation but I for some reason liked them and love them to this day. Except for scrambled. ??? He also happened to be the first Mexican I ever met and I was introduced to REAL Mexican food. Probably why I am so picky when we go to Mexican restaurants. :wink:

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We should likely kick off another thread for this debate - but that last part makes me think that you’re buying into the “Forks over Knives” methodology by Dr’s Esselstyn and Campbell. I did too, for quite awhile. “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” got me juicing for about 6 months.

A high carb, high fat diet is a recipe for heart attacks, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cardiovascular diseases.

The science isn’t complete on grains yet…that’s going to take awhile - but many (most) plants have evolved to make their seeds toxic/inflammatory to be consumed as they don’t want them consumed - the exception being those that bear fruit - they want the animals consuming them and depositing them elsewhere. We have to process most grains to make them edible…that should be the clue that eating them likely isn’t in our nature. Heh. Hell, potatoes are toxic to people if you eat them raw.

Asparagus & broccoli (MUSHY)

Oh! Brocooli is totally one of my favorites. How were they cooked? Boiled?


Hahahaaaa! Yeah, if they were mushy, they were definitely cooked beyond death lol. But I 100% relate with this.