What fish do you prefer?

I have loved almost every result that my Anova has produced. I bought my Anova when they were first released so I have quite a bit experience using it. (Pork, chicken, beef, duck, sooo many fruits and vegetables)

The only thing I have not cared for was fish. Granted I have only tried Halibut… but both times the texture was not to my liking. I love Halibut and refused to ruin any more fillets and made the decision to not attempt it again.

I have yet to try any other fish because of those results, but lately I have felt like trying again. I am thinking Salmon is going to be my next fish attempt, and wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for a different fish or thoughts on fish in general.

I know texture is often different when cooking sous vide… most of the times for the better. But the difference of texture for fish was weird, and off putting.

@monkeyrra I haven’t experimented much with seafood - besides shrimp and salmon. I do have to say that salmon is sooooo good. I actually tried Chef Nicole’s salmon recipe. The salmon was very tender and soft.

There’s also a bunch more recipes for salmon you can check out.

Not to mussel in on the conversation, but I’ve tried salmon in the SV just for the halibut, and well, it was a major haddock. And when it was all done, I thought it was complete carp. I guess I just prefer it flame grilled.


Woah, you’re so punny! @acs

It was a half-shelled attempt. I only give myself 2/3 credit for it as a pun: “PU”

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1/2 credit. @acs

We have done snapper, salmon, swordfish, marlin and all have been delicious. My wife loves it and she is not a “fish” person. We we vacuum seal them with fresh rosemary, salt, pepper and sliced up fresh lemon or lime. When done we take them out dry them off and rub a little oil on both sided. They are then put in a HOT cast iron griddle pan for 30 - 40 second per side. Tastes great and the grill marks make them look better

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Sounds delicious! Sous vide transforms fish for sure!

SALMON!! About once a week. Sous-vide improved the flavor over baking…Irish butter and fresh rosemary didn’t hurt!!

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Monkfish and lemon dill butter, bag it up, cook it to your preference and serve! don’t need to sear on my opinion.

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Swai and Salmon.