What is everyone cooking this weekend?

As per usual, I might try out another tofu recipe. I do want to see how my tofu will come out with a cook time much longer than I usually go for, which is 4 hours. I have Sunday free, so I might just do a 5-6 hour cook and see what happens. Not sure it’ll be worth it, but there’s the only way to find out.

Also, does anyone happen to have a really good curry sauce recipe? Something relatively foolproof would be great.

Can’t help on the tofu score, sorry.

I’ve had a couple of chunks of pork belly in the cooking cooler for the last 2 days (60C/140F). One was intended for dinner tonight, but the other half has a working bee on for the day replacing farm fences that were lost to last weekend’s fires. The tend to get fed pretty well at those things. So it looks like my pork will be chilled and saved for another evening.

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Prime Rib Eye Cap steak from Costco. They were on sale for 15 bucks a pound and got a 4-pack.


That cut of meat is one of the tastiest in beefdom. Given a fat-side down first pan sear no oil will be needed and it will be delicious.

Butchers usually kept that cut for themselves. I have to make do with it’s two-cuts-down neighbour the top sirloin cap steak which is nearly as tasty.

what a tender, juicy, and flavorful steak. Cooked at 131*F for 2.5 hours and then seared on a hot cast iron pan. Two things. Almost had a visit from fire department as my oil smoked up (a. too much oil and b. wrong oil). And the meat was too red rare for my wife to enjoy. So, I sent hers back to the kitchen and put it for an additional 2 minutes in the skillet. came out great and topped with a mushroom sauce.

Sounds excellent @aperper.

I now use Avocado oil in the cast iron. Decent price at Costco, and hard to beat when it comes to a high smoke point.

Allen, glad to know your steak was a great success. Let’s not talk about that cut anymore or we might not get any. And to think that cut often ended up in the trim bin.

You learned the hard way that little or no oil is required in a hot cast iron pan, you can’t shallow fry at searing temperature. You also learned that your bride’s steak goes in the sear first and comes out last, but keep flipping it just as much as yours, only for longer. You might want to turn the heat off when your steak is finished and finish her’s on the residual heat.

If you don’t use an instant read thermometer, this is one of the best meals to have one so you can precisely replicate your steaks different pull temperatures each time.

I’ve found that searing near 450F has the best results. It’s quick enough, yet not so hot there’s the production of an abundance of potentially risky carcinogens. I shudder to think of the possible outcome of using a torch at 3,000F or higher.

If you want a better result from your sear take a pinch of baking soda (not baking powder), only use your thumb and one finger now, and add it to about a half teaspoon of corn syrup cupped in your palm. Use a couple of fingers to mix around and smear the result on the major surfaces of your dry meat just before searing.

@chatnoir. Thanks again for the oiling and finishing info. This was my first steak, but not my first cook using the APC. I live by my instant read thermopen for all my cooking/grilling events.
@mirozen. Will check out my local Costco for avocado oil, if not too expensive. thanks

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My pleasure Allen, glad to be of assistance.

Your Thermopen is your searing friend too, particularly for your wife’s steak once you know the exact internal temperature to pull it off heat her’s will always be perfect.

I don’t have a specific recipe, but you’ve got a good chance finding one from any one of three different YouTube channels that I love: Pailin’s Kitchen, Strictly Dumpling, or Food Wishes w/Chef John. They all make they’re videos easy to follow and are all very personable.

Here’s one from Palin’s Kitchen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPxA44jfuFE

But back on topic, I’m going to try my first chicken breasts this week. Wish me luck. :slight_smile: