What new place have you discovered sous vide being served?

Cooking sous vide has really upped my food standards, especially animals. I have yet to bump into a restaurant that utilizes the sous vide method (I can tell). But I am wondering if anyone here has accidentally discovered any restaurant that cooks sous vide. How did you know they used sous vide?

Unfortunately, you’re going to find that the more you cook dishes at home, the more you’re not going to enjoy them at restaurants. The exception being the truly exceptional restaurants (Michelin star restaurants for example). And, yes, there’s lots of phenomenal places to eat that the Michelin folks haven’t reviewed. :slight_smile: (they don’t even come to Canada).

Unsurprisingly, I asked one of the managers that I know at our local Keg (steakhouse chain in Canada) if they used sous vide and they said that they didn’t. The Keg is a well loved chain up here…but I could cook a better steak on my electric grill, without using my sous vide. They simply don’t have the time to perfect what they do, with being so busy.

I’ve heard that Gallagher’s Steakhouse in NYC uses sous vide - maybe someone here that’s local could verify? :slight_smile: I think that’s the only chance any of them have of having a steak finish as well as what you can do at home.

Here’s an interesting bit - you can use the search engine on Yelp to search for references to sous vide! :slight_smile:

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I recently had lunch at an absolutely wonderful restaurant called Brasserie 1895 [607 S. Friendswood Dr. #11, Friendswood TX 77546, brasserie1895.com] and noticed that day they had a ‘special’ of wood-fire-grill-seared chicken sous vide. So I asked the waiter to ask the chef if I could look at their sous vide setup. It consisted of a very large stainless steel tub – 3’ cube – with a professional precision water heater in one corner, and filled with special closable bags containing nothing but chicken breasts with herbs. I can’t imagine a restaurant using sous vide for anything else …


Thanks for sharing! Going to look up some places in my area. I am sure there are plenty.

Was at my local farmers market last week and they were demoing a bison chili using the Anova sous vide with a 12 quart container to heat it. They do a large variety of meals that they then bag seal and sell to the public. There number one method for preparing and serving is the sous vide method, they include all instructions needed for this. There jambalaya which i purchased and prepared using my sous vide was excellent.

Ahhh nice! So cool that they were using the Anova.

I’m pretty sure that the Seashore Cabaret - yes, it’s a restaurant - in Petone cooks its steaks sous vide. Ate there a couple of weeks ago and my friend ordered a rump steak cooked rare. It arrived in a matter of minutes, it was rare, cooked right through and my friend said it was perfect - if that’s not an example of sous vide cooking, then I’m a Dutchman.

Oh, Petone is in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Incorrect information. Nothing to see here

??? Speechless. I mean…how??? :fearful:

That’d be a question for Michelin, lol. I honestly have no idea.

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About a year ago we attended a wedding reception at a very nice Dallas hotel. Most of the guests had filet mignon (about 80-100), each perfectly cooked to med-rare or medium. I asked my son: “how could they have so many steaks ready at the same time like that?”. His reply: sous vide. :slight_smile:
More recently I ate a nice steak place. I’d bet the price of dinner they used SV. The steaks were perfectly cooked and seared. Amazing.

The Pit Stop Michelin Star story was listed under “satire”

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My bad.

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