Whats for tea? (Dinner if your Posh)

My Briskets in for tomorrow. Chips (Fries) are in for an hour 90°C then fried tonight and later Burger for my son Lamb steak for Mrs and Rib eye for me.
Then finished on Traeger

nobody else eating lol
new potatoes Iv’e just dug up tonight

v8rick, try using an air fryer for your chips/fried potatoes. After using an air fryer for my potatoes, I could never go back to regular frying. They’re crisp and delicious without all the oil.



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OK - as a fish (beer battered halibut), and chips (with mushy peas) kind of guy, I have to ask: chips done SV!!!
I’ve always used a deep fryer, and only once got my chips to turn out as they were supposed to be.
So how long for SV, on the potatoes, and then what did you do to them? Oven or deep fryer or ?

Type of potatoes matters
1.2 kg Russet potatoes about 3 large, potatoes
15 g salt
10 g Sugar
teaspoon baking soda
Bag them

set anova 194 °F / 90 °C

cook 20 - 25 mins then empty water from lay Chips on a rack to cool Handle carefully
when cool and your ready fry 180°C
different potatoes different times I use Cyprus potatoes here in UK the best IMO (except when the ones I’ve grown are ready) sometimes I use what we call local potatoes Wilja and 15 minutes is about it
I mainly boil them for 3 mins then Blanche in the fryer 11 mins 140°C then when your ready fry again at 180°C - 190°C

Them battered fish make a mess in Air Fryer

Beef dripping?? Don’t understand. Potatoes placed directly into air fryer - crisp and delicious.

Fry potatoes in Beef Dripping

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I used to own an air frier. I guess i get the attraction: people think fats are bad for you, but the texture for anything cooked, not previously fried, is nothing like actually fried.

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