Chicken and potatoes

I am curious if anyone has done chicken and potatoes together in the sous vide. They require different temperatures to be cooked properly, but not overcooked. I am wanting to do a Panang chicken with potatoes and carrots in it, but I’m worried about how to do the potatoes properly. Any suggestions?

Different temperatures required. 83.4C/183F for vegetables. At that kind of temperature your chicken will be hideously stringy and overcooked. You would need to do the vegies and then the chicken. The vegies can hang out in the bath with the chicken with no detrimental effect.

Depends how you cut your potatoes, but an hour at 185F/85C should do it…assuming you pack in a flat layer. Longer for larger pieces.

It seems a lot easier to cook potatoes the old-fashioned way. I don’t see any advantage to using sous vide there.

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Mike, by cooking your main ingredients sequentially you are stretching a routine curry into a three hour project. While the chicken cooks i would cook the potatoes the way you always do.

I suggest starting with the seasoned chicken because it takes longer. While you SV cook the chicken make the curry using your usual technique and cook the carrots and potatoes. When the chicken is cooked you can combine it with the curry and serve. Don’t let it simmer in the curry or you will have wasted the benefit of the SV cook.

A restaurant would have cooked the sauce, SVd the chicken, and cooked the potatoes and carrots in separate batches and chilled everything. To finish the order the sauce would be heated in a skillet, the vegetables added, stir, stir, stir,- add the chicken, stir, stir. Place a scoop of rice on the heated plate, add the curry, garnish with a sprig of basil and serve. I tell you this to demonstrate the benefit of batch cooking your chicken in advance and holding it chilled or frozen to simplify your future meals.

I guess the only advantage is if you’re planning to make a mash AND you’re the one doing the washing up later lol! You could add the ingredients to the bag and then mash it up after it’s cooked then cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and squeeze the mash directly into the serving dish. I haven’t done it myself but seen people doing it on YouTube. Might give it a go sometime.

My goal would be to throw all the ingredients into one bag and let it cook all day. I did a curry chicken this way and it came out great, but it didn’t have the potatoes or carrots in it. I did another chicken recipe with carrots and it came out great, but it’s no big deal to have the carrots crunchy. Potatoes need to be cooked. I’m thinking of boiling the potatoes for a short time ahead of time time, then cut them and add to the bag with everything else. Has anyone tried this?

I don’t get it. Why would I take potatoes, put them in a pot, parboil them, then remove them from the pot, put them into a bag, seal the bag, and then put the bag into a sous vide bath, when I can just finish cooking the potatoes by leaving them where I put them in first place for a few minutes longer?

What are we looking for here? The most complicated and labour-intensive way to cook potatoes ever? To what end?

The point is to let the flavor infuse into the entire dish over many hours, including the potatoes. But, the temperature difference for cooking the potatoes may make it not worth doing.

I’m inclined to agree with @michihenning here, but for the sake of those considering it…

Par boiling the potatoes wouldn’t do it. The potatoes would have to be fully cooked. Once the potatoes go into the sous vide bath they won’t cook any further. The temperature is not hot enough. If the potato is not completely cooked before hand it will not be completely cooked afterwards.

 I think the problem here is when we find a totally new way of cooking (ie sous vide) we want to try it for a whole  meal when we should actually use different methods for different items. I am totally guilty of this.
 If you're trying to meld flavors of different foods, perhaps a dutch oven or even a crock pot might provide better service. I actually laughed out loud when i saw sous vide recipes for bacon and scrambled eggs. However.......Lobster tail and pretty much any seafood makes total sense to me. Also, can someone tell me why my typing is scrolling across the page in the preview section. I know its annoying!

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