New potatoes, not worth the effort

Tried “boiled” sous vide potatoes a few days ago… disappointment abounds.
Followed the anova app (will go back & rate it, …maybe)

All “new potatoes” (uk term for baby potatoes) really not worth the bother compared to the Instantpots results.

I hoped for more, but you can’t have everything.
One to put on the list of “NOPE” for us.

Keen to find a list of questionable items to bag & vide to avoid repeats.

Try to consider the benefits of sous vide - precise, low temperature cooking - and whether those benefits matter to your ingredients. With meats, hitting a precise temp is key to achieving your desired doneness, but has anyone ever said, “I really prefer my boiled potatoes at 180F, not 190F.”?. If you can boil something in 20 minutes, is it worth setting up a sous vide and cooking for two hours? What is the upside you would hope to achieve from that?

For most people, unless you frequently make custards or other less common dishes, I expect that meats will be the primary use of your sous vide and everything else is just an exception.

Simply because it was an app recipe, which I recall was rated & on a sous vide stalwarts page, so I was hoping for better “mouth texture” results from time committed.
It was not to be, at least now off my tick list I know better.

Sure, if all you want are boiled potatoes then SV is a non starter.
However, like for many other vegetables SV does bring something very distinct from other cooking methods, which is the ability to release more flavors, and as with many other slow cooking the natural sugars are released; as a result when fried later in the skillet, it turns nicely brown.
This in particular applies to new potatoes. I used to cut them in half, SV them, and then either on the same day (or later if I keep them in the fridge) I quickly brown them in a skillet.
Delicious and much harder to achieve in a more traditional cooking. Additional gain: a great time saver when you SV in advance and just finish browning last minute.
Additional advantage, put thyme/rosemary in the SV bag and you get to other flavours too, harder to achieve with traditional seasoning in the skillet.

Bottom line: don’t give up and try other cooking recipes.

Thanks for your time in answering Franck.
No way i’m giving up (if you saw my attempts at finding what foodstuffs could be coldsmoked you’d have an idea) …simply that potatoes hadn’t been SV tried at lower temps till that point.

The failure was in the fact that they were also inconsistently cooked within the bag (usual precautions taken) & were of a very consistently small size.

I did add some extras for flavour testing, but as it was not great to eat, nor out of the norm, garlic butter & salt in the bag aplenty, however I didn’t think to pan them (except for my personal thoughts on them) :wink:
Ultimately they got eaten so no biggie.

& now with the imminent arrival of my second Anova wand, testing times & temps will be a slicker operation…