Long time saute, grill & smoker. Wife gifted me the 800W Anova for my Birthday. Wish me luck!

Welcome to a wonderful new world. Luck is not required, just a willingness to learn.

Baldwin’s A practical guide to sous vide iz about the best place to start.

Welcome to our group. Feel free to ask any questions. Sous vide is a little different way of cooking and we are here to help.

You’re never too old to add another useful cooking technique to your repertoire.

Your most significant learning challenge will be to forget how you used your other techniques and consider that SV meat and poultry cooking is more like low temperature poaching with a sear to finish.

Anova’s SV cooking presents you with new possibilities of batch cooking in advance of service and the enjoyment of tender-as-tenderloin tough cuts.

Do well.

Welcome @oldman !!!

As said feel free to ask questions. And if I might make a suggestion, take a look at some of the older discussions in this forum. There’s some golden advice already there that you may find extremely useful!