Whole ham

How long and what temp for 9lb boneless ham?
I’m hungry already.

How thick is it?

Is It already cooked? If so and 9 lbs I think I would let the oven do the reheat. That way you could whip up a nice glaze and brown the outside. Usually hams are pretty thick and take a long time to reheat so if you’re as hungry as you say, no sous vide! :grinning:.

Hi NB, how did you like the outcome of the last ham you cooked?

If great, then check your notes and proceed.

Thank you for your reply. Last year I did two separate hams, one butt and one shank at the same time. They were great. Wasn’t sure if one ham would make a difference. I had one reply saying I use the oven for such a big ham, that comment surprised me. I thought a ham such as this was perfect for Sous Vide. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How thick is it? The weight of it is pretty much irrelevant. And, as @whybuynew1 asked, is it already fully cooked? If you want suggestions, please provide the details that are asked for.

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It is a 9 pound fully cooked ham that you find in any grocery store. I don’t know how thick it is, it’s a 9 lb vacuum sealed ham.

The weight, once again, doesn’t matter. Off you cannot pro vide us with the necessary information, we really can’t provide you with an educated suggestion

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Brian, your persistence is admirable.
Thank you.

This discussion displays how either resistance to change or cognitive reading skills inhibit personal growth in SV cooking knowledge and capabilities.

Being willfully ignorant of product thickness potentially puts the SV cook in a situation dependant on taking chances on ill informed recipe writers for cooking guidance rather than using his understanding of the important fundamentals of SV cooking science.

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Norman, one ham or two hams, there’s no difference as long as your cooking time is determined by the thickest food.

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Brian…From what I have read the only thing you can transfer to a cooked ham is heat. (and that is optional as you could eat the ham right out of the package.) The only way I see to “spike it” is by using an oven. Here is a recipe I found that may work for you.