Proper temp&time

Need some help. I want to cook a 5lb shank part ham and a 4lb butt part ham at same time. They are both pre cooked, basically just need to heat up. What temp and time would be best. Want to impress guest with my Anova.

Hello! To reheat a fully cooked ham, we recommend a temperature of 140ºF for 3.5 - 6.5 hours. One of our favorite partners, Serious Eats, talks all about it right here:

Hope that helps!

While I don’t think there is anything necessarily wrong with the recommendations from Serious Eats, I feel that they are just playing it safe, but I’ve found that 140F tends to pull out too much moisture. USDA recommends 120F for cooked hams, I go with 125F and get good results. The times seem a little long to me also. 2.5 hours is fine in my experience. After all, these hams are treated with nitrites & erythorbate, cooked and cryopacked all in a controlled environment. No bugs are getting through all that.

If you drop the cryopacks into the SV bath, make sure you remove all of the paper labels first, else you risk clogging the impeller and sticking crap to the heating element.