What temp and time for 7lb boneless ham?

How long and what temp for 7lb boneless ham?

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Is it a cured and or smoked ham, or is it raw meat? How well done do you want it cooked?

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Cooked, smoked, not sure about doness, never been asked that before. Medium I guess. Thanks for your help.

IIRC, city ham reheats at 135F to 140F. Figure around 15 min per lb. You aren’t going to hurt it if you leave it in longer at those temps since it’s already fully cooked.

Are you baking a glaze on afterwards?

Thanks for the help. No glazing this time.

If it’s already cooked and smoked, then it’s really ready to eat as is. I’d go for what @acs recommends. Let us know how it turns out for you!