Why would impellers bend?

About 6 or 10 cooks into my unit I noticed one impeller began to bend backwards to the shaft. After more cooks a second one is starting to do the same. I have not been taking the sleeve on or off. Why are these bending?

I have contacted customer support which have been great but I’m confused on why it’s happening.

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There’s actually only one impeller, so I’m guessing you’re talking about the temperature probe?

If you haven’t been taking the sleeve on or off, how do you know that anything inside is bent?

It sounds like you must be talking about the blades on the impeller shaft, not the impeller itself…

Yes, impeller blades. Sorry.

I wasn’t taking it off repeatedly. The bending of the second blade was discovered after a few months, when I wanted to check if anything had changed.

Ah…ok. Yeah, the impeller blades certainly shouldn’t be bending. That part is defective. Customer service should be able to hook you up with a replacement (me, I’d just replace the “fan” itself - it’s just held on with a locking screw.) Kinda overkill to replace a whole unit, but we’ll see what they do. (they may not have a mechanism to send out parts…no idea) :slight_smile: