Wifi PC (pre-order) unboxing pics

As there were some asking, here’s some unboxing (and initial setup) photos - we’ll see how many pics this board software will allow me to attach. :slight_smile:


…and before anyone asks, “Denied” is the name of my 2.4GHz WPA2 wifi network. :slight_smile:  It connected flawlessly.

Now to bring it up to temperature and see how accurate it behaves. :slight_smile:  Think I might just do a steak for lunch! :slight_smile:

Is that a rack in the center of your container? Do you have a link to it? 

Also, which water container are you using? Thanks!

I’m using the Cambro  12189CW135   4 3/4 Gallon polycarbonate container.  The bottom of the container (which isn’t listed on a lot of sites) is actually 14" x 8".  If you’re in the US, you may want to buy the LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack (on amazon.com) - Model L15 (26SD) - it’s only available in the US and EU, not Canada :frowning:  

At the bottom of mine, I have a baking grid that I had bought for my smoker, but hadn’t used yet as I have another one that works - was glad that this fit perfectly! :slight_smile:  The rack is the weber rib rack.  You can buy it at Home Depot. :slight_smile:  Check store inventories before you go though!  This time of year, they’ve put a lot of the BBQ stuff away.  (heh, well, up here in the north they have) :) 

Oh, and, as I’m in Canada, I bought the Cambro container at Staples.ca.  Those in the states can easily get it on Amazon.

Here’s a couple links:


Right now, while doing my initial testing / cook of a couple of steaks, I’ve just covered the top with Glad press n seal wrap (helps to keep the heat in as well as minimizing evaporation).  I’ll be cutting a hole in the lid for the Cambro, slightly larger than the PC, then edging it with some good quality foam so I can slide the PC in and out (which will also negate the need for the clamp on this container).

Whoops, I was also able to find the link for the baking rack…


And here’s a link for that LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack (I’ll likely pick this up, whenever they open up their Amazon.ca store):


THANKS fischersd for all the info! The Lipavi cost 4 times more than the Weber rib rack. However the Weber is plated steel, which would rust after a while, where as the Lipavi is Stainless Steel. The racks on the Lipavi are adjustable. The outer two racks are permanently attached, but fold down for storage. The other racks are removable, and adjustable, allowing you to choose the size adequate for your portion sizes. I’ll probably just get the Lipavi because it is much more versatile and will last much longer.

Thanks again for your help with this!

btw guys.  I’ve done a few temperature tests with my Taylor pen thermometer in this initial cook - each time the PC’s been within .8 degrees of the Taylor.  Very impressed with the accuracy! :slight_smile:

Heh, not overly impressed with this “burnt” smell coming from the unit though (smells like when you first burn in a gas fireplace - that plastic like, chemical burnt smell).  I’m hoping that’s just the initial period while things break themselves in.  If it persists I have some concerns about leaving it alone…time will tell.

When I use the lid for my Cambro I just lay it on top and slide it up to the cooker. This leaves a little area fro evaporation that I cover with a small piece of plastic wrap. THis leaves the lid unaltered and I can use the Cambro for food storage that requires a lid.

@john.jcb  Yep, I know that would work, but I’d like something a little more robust (and not needing to get out the cling wrap every time).  If I decide I also want to use the Cambro for food storage, I’ll pick up an additional lit (think they’re only like $13).