17lb whole prime strip loin roast cooking time please help

Has anyone sousvided a whole 16lb prime strip loin roast? Was planning on a 130F temp but have no idea for the cook time. Would 6hrs be enough time? I figure since it’s prime it’ll be tender anyway, just want to know the minimum time needed to cook. Thickness of roast would be 4-5inches top to bottom.

Thanks so much!

The basic rule of thumb is 30 min per half inch, so you’d be looking at a 5 or 6 hour minimum cook. At that length of time you want to be sure to be above 131F for safety reasons.

Last week I did a 4lb blade roast with the smallest dimension also in the 5-6 inch range and put it on just after lunch on Saturday for Sunday dinner. I ran that one at 135F and it came out nice and pink and juicy. We’ve decided we like it better than steak!