How to cook a whole New York strip roast

We would like to sous vide cook whole New York strip roasts that are about 13 lbs each. I am guessing they will be about 15" long by maybe 5" x 8". I can’t find much about this - is there a reason we do not want to try this?
If we are okay trying this - how long and at what temp should we cook them?

And to make this more of a challenge - we need to do 4 of them at the same time! We have 3 Anova sous vide systems and used them to do 75 lbs of Tri Tip roasts last year in an ice chest - they turned out great.
Thanks for any help!

Hi ya @Carl_L

Once you have a bath large enough then the size issue is moot.

Temperature is doneness. Doneness is subjective. I like beef at 131ºF

Time is tenderness. Time to dissolve the not tender bits and pieces. Meat, beef is very tolerant of excess time beyond the minimum to required core temperature. Minimum time is a function of initial temperature, thickness size, and shape as detailed in Douglas Baldwin’s seminal A Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking. FREE ON-LINE

His Tables 2.2 and 2.3 reduce the calculus to look ups. Unfortunately your size 5” = 125 mm is off the charts so you will have to delve into the calculus (Appendix C perhaps) for precision.

ANOVA Culinary’s recipe collection includes a 15# roast with 12 hours recommended time.

Best wishes.

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