prime roast

have a PRIME boneless strip roast about 3 lbs, like about med, med rare, how do i go about cooking it, ive seen cooking times up to 24 hrs, prime should be less??

Medium rare will always be around 130F/54C… Heading towards 140F/60C for medium.

Duration of cook depends on the texture you’re after, the thickness of your piece of meat at the thickest point and the cut. The prime grade will impact cooking times a little, but less than the other factors.

a little over 2 inch at center, i was thinking about 140 easy to slice, about 5 hrs?

I had to look up a strip roast, we use different curs and names in Aus. Ok. It comes from the loin primal. Think of what a steer does with its day. That muscle group has done a bit of work, more than a tenderloin, but not quite as much as the rump/round. So, on the naturally tender scale it’s on the softer side side of the middle. There will be a medium amount of collagen requiring breakdown. That takes time.

You’re looking at 140F not 130F, so the breakdown happens a little faster. Your’s after a good slicing texture, not something you can cut with a fork… I’d describe it as a steaky texture.

I’d probably be aiming at around 12-14 hours. I’d suggest giving the bag a pinch test after 8 hours or so to check on progress. You could, potentially go out to 18 hours.

Timing is not an exact science. Your roast is not going to be ruined by an extra helf our or even hour. The changes happen slowly at the temperatures used for sous vide processing. If you keep within the safety guidelines it is a very forgiving cooking form.

Your roast was graded USDA Prime because of its high visible fat content. It’s not an absolute guarantee of quality eating.

I’d use Ember’s recommendation and adjust cooking time by the length of ageing it received. Generally, the longer the ageing the shorter the cook time.

It would be helpful if you advise us of what you do and your results.