$4.99 Wire Rack at ALDI Australia starting 16 August

To all the Australian APC owners out there, you might be interested in a wire rack ALDI is selling starting 16 August Wire Rack. It’s only $4.99. I’ve been looking for a wire rack to use with my APC for a little while and they’re mostly $20+, so I didn’t bother (yes, I’m cheap). This looks like it’ll be spot on.

Unless it’s stainless steel I wouldn’t buy it. I had something similar, chrome plated and it started rusting after two days.

I thinks it’s chrome plated. I don’t see why it’d rust that quickly if you dry it off after use? If you left it in the water, I’d totally agree. That said, a bit of rust doesn’t bother me as it’s not going to contaminate the food sealed in bags. For $5, I’m willing to give it a go. The next closest thing I’ve seen is the Lipavi rack that start at about $60 odd delivered to Australia. Each to their own.

Thanks for the heads up, I might have a look. The image in the link seems to be plastic coated wire.

Trust me, if it’s chrome plated it’ll rust. I used a Weber rib rack (meant for the BBQ) before I got my LipAVI rack (managed to get one from a seller on Amazon that shipped from the US).

Each and every time, it rusts from all of the weld points (coating your container and staining the end cap of your APC with rust.

Now, this was with ribs - 36 hour cook each time - you may get lucky if you’re only using it for short cooks and thoroughly clean it after every use.

Edit: I also think @Ember is right - when you look at the other wire models, it’s apparent that they’re plastic coated wire. Not sure how well that’ll hold up in the bath…you may have bits of plastic flying around (then the exposed wire will start to rust).

Yep, may well be plastic coated wire. I grew up with a plastic coated dish rack and they too eventually start to rust. But that was after some time, like years. Did I mention it’s $5? I’m not expecting 316 stainless longevity.

Heh…you get what you pay for. :slight_smile: Your dish rack wasn’t exposed to such hot, circulating water for prolonged periods of time either.

One word of caution - I wouldn’t cook eggs in the same water this resides in…this plastic isn’t intended for food production use so it very likely will be giving off chemicals that would be absorbed by foods (thinking eggs are the only things we cook in the bath not in a plastic bag).

The plastic coating will breakdown and crack quite quickly with the heating and cooling of the water. I have a shower caddie that is made the same way. I think it lasted about 2 months before it started to rust at the joints. I expect with full submersion this will happen faster.

There’s no way I’d use anything plastic or mild steel in the water. What’s going to happen to the cooker if rust get circulated through it. It will probably void your warranty.