4th of July Weekend in the US

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the US. Parades and outdoor grilling are the normal activities. How do you plan on incorporating sous vide in your celebration?

I know one thing I will serve is corn sous vide. I place it in a vacuum bag with butter and cook it at 183° F for 30 minutes. Tomorrow it will be a small gathering so I will probably do 2 bags of 3 or 4 ears. They are ready to eat right out of the bag with only a little salt and pepper to taste. I may also do hamburgers. A few weeks ago we had a contest sous vide vs gas grill. I sous vide the burgers for an hour at 137° F and after patting dry they were seared for about a minute a side on a very hot grill. They were thick burgers about one inch. THe others were cooked over a lower heat grill. Sous vide took the prize. They were medium rare towards medium and very juicy. THe grilled ones were good but not as juicy due to the time it took on the grill to reach a good internal temperature. One other thing that I do when I want a really good burger is to grind my own. I normally use chuck and grind it with larger holes than they use at the store.

I also have a couple of hanger steaks and a pork tenderloin in the freezer. If hamburgers do not excite a good response I may pull them out. I have one small venison tenderloin left that may be done as well. These are perfect for sous vide as they are hard to cook perfectly using normal methods.

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Thanks @john.jcb. I’ve been searching the forum today for good burger tips. :yum: