64oz Tomahawk Ribeye

64oz tomahawk ribeye, dry-brined overnight with kosher salt in the fridge. Cooked in the Anova for 4 hours at 129. Post-bath, got a good dusting of Meat Church Holy Cow before tossing on the Akorn Jr Kamado for about 90 seconds per side. I realty wanted a ridiculous crust, and felt with the thickness (nearly 3") that I could get away with longer than my normal one min/side. Worked great. Steak can’t really get better than this!


Damn. That’s sexy.

What did your wife get to eat?

Haha! She managed to get some scraps :wink:

Thank you for the pictures. (Looks outstanding!)
I liked everything about what you did and your results looked very similar to the Bone-in Porterhouse Steak I tried. You have the same issue I had and am still trying to figure out how to modify to better render the fatty areas, not only the edges but the marbleized areas visible within the steak. Straight grilling yields a better results (for the fatty areas.)
I am very open to any suggestions.
thank you

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