72 hour beef shortribs

I just finished a large batch of shortribs. I cooked them 72 hours at 130F/54C then cooled to room temperature and finished in a 425F/218C oven for 20 minutes.

They turned out really well, moist and flavorful. The meat came off the bone with the connective tissue chewy but not tough. This is now my go-to way of preparing them. I kept the seasoning a little too light and I could have taken that up a notch. I like the beef flavor and don’t like to over power it with spices.

This is the rib right out of the bag after 72 hours at 130F/54C. It has released almost none of the fat.

Shortribs after the 425F/218C oven finish. Still close to edge-to-edge pink while at the same time rendering a lot of the surface fat.

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They look awesome. Welcome to the 54C brigade. :smiley:

These look really good. Next time try pulling a couple at 48 hours and try them. It was hard to choose which I liked better.

They look really good. How long did you bake them?

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They were in the 425F/218C oven for 20 minutes.